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Katarina Kross, from Digital Desire, wears the tight tank top and denim mini-skirt very well. She also takes them off very well. She has the perfect dark complexion, perfect legs, perfect breasts, and an amazing sexy face. As with all Digital Desire photo shoots, this one consists of high quality, high resolution, life-size digital images.

Body in Mind is proud to be a source of inspiring photos for artists, and none of our models is more popular than Tracy, featured in this gallery by Chris Ruegge. Perhaps our favorite artist is Eric Wallis, whose unique style captures the perfect forms of our models like no one else’s and takes them to a new level of artistic beauty. You can see Eric creating one of his drawings on You Tube, here. Says Eric, “I have to draw Tracy, I’m driven…I love what you are doing. Your choice of models is exquisite. Keep it up.” We intend to. We think all of our models are masterpieces. Artists agree. Hopefully, you do too.

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Tracy is a green eyed, blond hair beauty from Body in Mind., Body in Mind specializes in tasteful nudes. Tracy is one of the Body in Mind favorites. This photo shoot consists of 79 high resolution, poster size, digital images.

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Perfect The odds would have it that every once in a while – not often – everything comes together in a way that can only be described as ‘perfect’. Such is the case with our latest series of photos of Tracy created by chief BiM photographer Chris Ruegge. The natural light streaming in through a huge open window was perfect. The subtle colours in the background were perfect complimentaries in a sultry tone. And of course the model, Tracy, was perfect, perfect proportions, perfect curves, perfect spirit of quiet pride and natural confidence, perfectly pretty even without any make-up. This is the rarest kind of beauty there is – perfect beauty. In fact, it’s photos like these that remind us what beauty is after all: perfection in physical form.

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Tracy from Body in Mind is rapidly becoming one of the most searched for models from body in Mind. With her long blond hair and amazing blue eyes, she can melt anyone’s heart.

And God created woman The myriad items we’ve heard in the news lately about women not dressing appropriately are no coincidence. They are a test. They are what’s called ‘trial balloons’. Their purpose is to determine if we’re ready to be told what women can and cannot wear. They are meant to test the waters to see if anyone will come to their defence. If there are no real objections from anyone – and so far there have been none – then we will begin to see forced dress codes for women in this country. It seems unthinkable, but it is inevitable, that is, unless the supposedly religious people of the world take a deep breath and remember that God created woman; and when they forget, we remind them in no uncertain terms.

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These photos of brave and beautiful Tracy by lead BiM photographer Chris Rügge make it very easy to imagine a future in which beautiful women have no problem baring their whole bodies in public, in just the same way they now have no problem showing their legs or hair, both of which have been forbidden at various times or in various cultures. Imagine a future where pretty women walked down the street, nude, without a care in the world, splashing barefooted in puddles, and smiling as the sun paints the air with their hair. Imagine a young male tourist taking a snapshot of his girlfriend who removes her clothes for the shot. Is the future full of beautiful nude women?

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