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Ashley, a beautiful blond, with long hair, small breasts, perfect legs  and wearing a sexy mini skirt.

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Body in Mind is proud to be a source of inspiring photos for artists, and none of our models is more popular than Tracy, featured in this gallery by Chris Ruegge. Perhaps our favorite artist is Eric Wallis, whose unique style captures the perfect forms of our models like no one else’s and takes them to a new level of artistic beauty. You can see Eric creating one of his drawings on You Tube, here. Says Eric, “I have to draw Tracy, I’m driven…I love what you are doing. Your choice of models is exquisite. Keep it up.” We intend to. We think all of our models are masterpieces. Artists agree. Hopefully, you do too.

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Perfect The odds would have it that every once in a while – not often – everything comes together in a way that can only be described as ‘perfect’. Such is the case with our latest series of photos of Tracy created by chief BiM photographer Chris Ruegge. The natural light streaming in through a huge open window was perfect. The subtle colours in the background were perfect complimentaries in a sultry tone. And of course the model, Tracy, was perfect, perfect proportions, perfect curves, perfect spirit of quiet pride and natural confidence, perfectly pretty even without any make-up. This is the rarest kind of beauty there is – perfect beauty. In fact, it’s photos like these that remind us what beauty is after all: perfection in physical form.

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This Peta Todd photo shoot is sure to be one of her most popular sets yet.  This exclusive peek at the Peta Todd Hoodie photo shoot is available here before anywhere else (except Body In Mind of course!)  This shoot consists of 141 high resolution, poster-size photos by Paul Buceta. These massive images are 3000 x 2000 x 200 dpi.  This is one of the galleries that you don’t want to miss.   We have seen the entire high resolution gallery. You won’t be disappointed!

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How do we do it? How does Body in Mind get the most beautiful women in the world to pose nude – women who won’t pose for any other nude website – women like the amazing Peta Todd? Simple. Respect. Body in Mind respects women and their power over their own bodies. Our goal is to feature the most beautiful women in the world being… well, beautiful. And this doesn’t mean close-ups of anonymous body parts or faked lesbian scenes with other models. It means we don’t take cheap shots and we do everything we can to make them feel beautiful, including flying them to exotic places like this set shot in Las Vegas. Body in Mind takes photography and settings very seriously. But we take nothing more seriously than our relationship with our models. There is nothing more important than that, because there is nothing more important than beautiful women.

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Beauty is nature’s way of inspiring men to achieve their dreams. If a man truly wants to achieve his dreams he’ll try to maximize his experiences with female beauty. How does he do that? It’s no secret that men are sexually attracted to female beauty, but what most people don’t know is that beauty is like a ladder. When we climb a few rungs on the ladder – when a woman possesses some of the things we find attractive – we become sexually attracted to her. But if we can somehow manage to avoid responding sexually, we then become able to climb the higher rungs of the ladder and experience the greatest and highest beauty of all, the beauty beyond sexual attraction: the beauty of admiration, art, and happiness.

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