Body In Mind consistently finds the most beautiful models.  Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott and now Anna.  Anna has the shy Girl Next Door kind of beauty that makes any woman sexy and desirable.  With her ocean blue eyes and long blonde hair, she already stands out, but who could miss the perfect curves of her breasts  and legs.

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Anna, Body In Mind, Klaudia Gerbera, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott

Body In Mind features the webs most sougt after models: Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott & Rhiana.

Bella Valentine is a brown-eyed drop dead gorgeous blonde from In this photo shoot, Bella wears a aqua blue string bikini that she manages to slip out of.  Her long blonde hair and plump lips can send any man into fantasy land. This photo shoot consists of 121 high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Corinna, one of the Femjoy favorites, is back for a reprise of her all time most popular photo shoot. Her original dock photo shoot. With her long blonde hair, big brown eyes, and amazing breasts, Corinna is one of the all time Femjoy favorites.  This photo shoot consists  life-sized, poster, high quality, high resolution, digital prints.

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MET Art has been the best artistic nude site for many years and I suspect it will hold onto that crown for many years to come. The level of attention to quality in both photography and file quality is seldom seen and it really is what sets MET Art apart from most paysites. Jo6in this website and I can promise you that you will return nearly every day. I know that I will be. What I have written simply doesn’t do MET Art justice. I don’t have the words in my vocabulary to express just how wonderful this website is. So, if you are not convinced by what I have told you, then at least go to the tour and look at the sample videos for yourself..

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Watch4beauty is an exclusive on-line erotic art magazine. We bring you the pretties and sexiest girls you could wish for. We are taking the pictures very carefully, paying attention to every detail. Enter the world of the most awesome, exciting, entertaining and highly selective model site on the Internet!

Sensual photos up to 5000 px resolution! Erotic video clips! Amazing naked girls!

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Take two photographers, add a team of incredibly beautiful girls, you will have all the ingredients needed for an explosive adventure. Forget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel BREATHLESS

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Another awesome photo shoot of British model Nikkala Stott. Nikkala starts out with a tiny purple bikini, and slowly loses it piece by piece. Nikkala is an amazing woman with the perfect body, legs and breasts. Nothing is more sexy than a woman getting out of the pool, dripping wet, and slipping off the top to her bikini. We’ve all seen the impossibly beautiful women at the local pools, Nikkala is one of them.

This photo shoot consists of 129 high resolution, poster size digital prints taken by Playboy photographer Paul Buceta.

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Brea Bennett is an amazing blond from one of our newer partners,  Brea has an unbelievably perfect face and body, and has the absolutely most perfect breasts that we’ve ever seen. They are the perfect C-Cup, a perfect handful, perky and beg to be touched.  As with all of our partners, this photoshoot is available in poster siz, high resolution digital images.

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Nikkala Stott wearing sunglasses in the desert.

Nikkala Stott was born in Middlesex, England on February 1, 1983. She’s 5 ft 6 in tall, has brown hair and amazing sea blue eyes.

A British tabloid newspaper called The Sun, regularly features topless and nude pictures of women on Page 3. Women who model regularly for this feature are known as “Page Three Girls”.

Nikkala first posed for Page 3 on July 6, 2000 at the age of 18, and still models for them today, having appeared as a Page Three Girl over 160 times. She has modeled for many men’s magazines such as FHM, Zoo, Maxim, ICE, Loaded, for Body in mind and was a Soccer AM Soccerette. She is a model under Girl Management, which she co-owns with other Page 3 stars.

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Eva from FemJoy is another favorite at   In this gallery, she is truly gorgeous.  She has the laid back, girl next door look, with big blue eyes and long dark hair.   Eva has the perfect figure – perfect legs and perfectly shaped breasts. Her face is as beautiful as her body.

This photo shoot was done by photographer Stefan Soell, and consists of the typical, FemJoy, high quality, high resolution, poster sized prints. How can you go wrong with high resolution, life sized prints of such a beautiful woman?

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Lorena is another one of our personal favorites.  She doesn’t have over-sized breasts or the pouty “I’m A Bitch” look. She’s perfect. She has the perfect size breasts, and the seductive brown bedroom eyes.

In this photoshoot by Lucu Helios, Leorens is stripping out of her tight jeans and t-shirt outside, by a river. Looking at this photo spread, Lerena is just as beautiful and sexy in clothes as she is out of them.

As always, Met-Art offers this set in high resolution, poster sized digital prints.

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Take this first look at the Deirdre Blue Lagoon photo shoot before the other sites have it available.   This photo shoot consists of 104 poster-size photos by Viktoriya Bird. All high resolution, all the same high quality we’ve come to expect from Body In Mind.  Deirdre has the deep blue eyes to match the name of this set. There’s something about a beautiful and sexy woman that dripping wet.  See all of her photos in the free gallery.

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Paulina from FemJoy is one of the up and coming models that is rapidly gaining popularity. Looking at these pictures, it’s not difficult to see why she’s one of the new most-searched for models at FemJoy.  This photo shoot consists of 64 high resolution, poster sized digital images.  Check out Paulina’s gallery to see 18 sample images and know that this is one of the best and sexiest photo sets this week.

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We should call this week “Kinga Week”. Our favorite model from FemJoy is showing up more and more on  There’s something about a beautiful woman with long hair. Maybe it’s that caveman hunter-gatherer thing, maybe it’s just the idea of long hair falling down a bare back. Maybe it’s just that Kinga is the most beautiful model that we have ever seen.

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Out of all of the the beautiful women on, Kinga is our hands down favorite. With her amazing body, her long hair and those amazing eyes, it’s not difficult to see why Kinga is not only our personal favorite, but the personal favorite of several thousand visitors that search for Kinga every day.  This is Kinga at her best, showing off her amazing figure in some lucky man’s garden.

At FemJoy, see these pictures in high resolution poster size.

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King is one of the top five most popular models at FemJoy.

Kinga is not Irish, but one could be forgiven for thinking she is. She has that cheeky, fresh, pale, pure, joyful innocence that so many Irish dames have. And in honor of that, we decided to fly her out to Ireland for this photo shoot and see how she looked lounging naked among the mossy fens. The answer? Awesome.

There’s something mysterious about Kinga. She’s not a classic beauty in any sense, yet there’s a perfection that surrounds her. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of her posing. Perhaps it’s her smiling eyes. Perhaps it’s her almost gossamer-like pale skin. Perhaps it’s her flowing hair. Or maybe it’s all of these things. No matter what it is, you are looking into the eyes of a FEMJOY original – pure, nude, and lovely.

Full member gallery features high-resolution,  poster sized digital images

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There’s a distinction in the world of online nude photography. It’s between “art” and “erotica.” Art is supposed to be appreciated by the higher senses, enjoyed for its form and composition, and viewed from a critical distance. Erotica is supposed to be relished by the lower senses, used for its immediate satisfaction, and viewed as closely, and as uncritically, as possible. Many sites claim they offer one or the other, but very few sites offer an arousing mixture of both. And no site offers SUCH an arousing mixture as FEMJOY. At FEMJOY, you get both – art and erotica. Arousing images and movies that both stimulate your higher senses and satisfy your deeper needs. And that’s what FEMJOY gives you, in every photo and in every movie. The art of erotica. Like only FEMJOY can! Have yourself the best

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Anothe set of our favorite model Jenni.  In this photo shoot, Jenni brightens up someone’s picnic in the woods with her amazing body and her blue eyes and smile that are completely irresitable.  Some models show that they are only there for the job, you can always tell by their posture, body language and the look on their face. The amazing thing about Jenni is that she clearly loves posing nude for the photographer. That’s a genuine smile and not a forced smile.

This set is available in poster size, high resolution, digital images

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