Hella is a drop dead beautiful blue eyed blonde from FemJoy.com. Look at her eyes and her smile. She truly has the face of an angel, but with a body built for pure sin. The only thing that could be pure looking at this sexy body, would be the pure lust you feel for her.  Hella is truly one of teh most beautiful and popular FemJoy Girls. As with all FemJoy photo shoots, this set consists of 68 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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Hella - Something in Your Smile FemJoy

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MET Art has been the best artistic nude site for many years and I suspect it will hold onto that crown for many years to come. The level of attention to quality in both photography and file quality is seldom seen and it really is what sets MET Art apart from most paysites. Jo6in this website and I can promise you that you will return nearly every day. I know that I will be. What I have written simply doesn’t do MET Art justice. I don’t have the words in my vocabulary to express just how wonderful this website is. So, if you are not convinced by what I have told you, then at least go to the tour and look at the sample videos for yourself..

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Natalia B, posing on a pontoon bridge. With her long blonde hair and soft blue eyes, Natalia B shows us her perfect legs and amazing petite body in this photo shoot by Rigin.  As with all Met-Art photo sets, this shoot consists of 163 high resolution, poster size digital images at 4300 pixel resolution.

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Met Art’s Leorna is one of our all time favorite models. She doesn’t have fake breasts, she doesn’t have a fake smile, and she has the face of an angel. Lorena does have the perfect smile, the perfect legs and the most awesome ass. She could make anyone take a second look. As with all Met-Art photo shoots, this set is a high resolution set that includes life size digital images.

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Jenni is an incredible blond model that is featured on many different sites, She has the perfesct face, the perfect body and the absolute perfect ass.  She’s not like the other models that are skinny waif’s, she’s the perfect size. She has “girl next door” innocent look with a body that built for anything but innocence.  Be sure to see Jenni’s other posts under other sites on OnlyPetites.com

Like all other Met-Art photo shoots, this set is high quality, high resolution, life size digital posters at 3500 dpi.

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Katrin is a 19 year old redhead fom Russia. She has one of the most amazing bodies that we have ever seen. From her perfect breasts, to her perfect legs and ass, we think she’s perfect all over.  As usual, Met-Art has found the best of the best models for their photo shoot.

This photoshoot consists of over 130 high resolution, poster sized images, all in 4200 DPI. That means they are larger than poster size.

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Lorena is another one of our personal favorites.  She doesn’t have over-sized breasts or the pouty “I’m A Bitch” look. She’s perfect. She has the perfect size breasts, and the seductive brown bedroom eyes.

In this photoshoot by Lucu Helios, Leorens is stripping out of her tight jeans and t-shirt outside, by a river. Looking at this photo spread, Lerena is just as beautiful and sexy in clothes as she is out of them.

As always, Met-Art offers this set in high resolution, poster sized digital prints.

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Lidiya is a 23 year old model form the Ukraine. She has red hair and green eyes. Lidiya has a smile that could stop a war and a figure that men couldn’t resist. She has amazing legs and a great ass.. How could some lucky man not be in heaven waking up next to this beautiful angel every morning.

This Perxeia photo shoot is by the famous photographer Goncharov. The digital poster size images are 4200 x 2200 pixels. See a contact sheet of this complete shoot at the bottom of the article.

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Evalina is an angelic blonde bombshell from FemJoy. With her curly blonde hair and deep sea blue eyes, she is the ultimate Apple-Pie blonde.  What man wouldn’t want to wake up next to an amazing Woman like Evalina?  What can be more sexy that a gorgeous blonde, barefoot in paradise. She has perfect legs, perfect breasts and the perfect face. She has the total package.

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