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Aiden Ashley is an amazing petite model that has the perfect petite breasts, the perfect petite ass, and the perfect everything. With her long slender legs, sexy black stockings, petite tits and long hair that cascades over her luscious body, how could one not fall in love?

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Anya is one of our favorite models. She has the perfect petite body, perfect breasts, sexy long hair, and the most incredible pouty lips that any model on our site has ever had. This “Collector’s Cut” is a small compilation of some of Anya’s best photo shoots. As with all MPL Studios shoots, these images are all high quality, high resolution, poster sized images.

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Nicole is a stunning beauty from She’s truly an amazing petite woman with long blond hair, blue eyes, and an amazingly perfect body. Th eonly thing better than a sexy, beautful naked woman, is a sexy beautiful woman in tight jeans. Well, almost in tight jeans.  This photo shoot from consists of 38 high resolution, large poster size digital images. These images are 400 DPI. They’re huge!

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Heather Vandeven from Digital Desire has that special kind of beauty that’s confident but yet not self centered. Heather has sexy long hair, an amazing body and breasts that are the perfect D cup.  In this photo shoot, Heather is wearing a short green mini dress and suede boots.  As with all Digital Desire photo shoots, this set comes in high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Kinga is another one of the most popular and sought after models online today. The only models that comes close to Kinga in popularity is Klaudia.  Kinga has an amazing body, and amazing smile and beautiful long hair, but she also has that “girl next door” look. It’s this Gitl Next Door look that makes Kinga so appealing.

This post features 20 images from Kinga’s best photo shoots. Watch for more of her “Best of the Best” galleries in the near future.

Kimberly Kato is a doe-eyed sexy woman with long hair and amazing perfect breasts. What’s sexier than seeing a beautiful woman slowly strip out of her tight jeans and find a lacy white bra and panties underneath. All Digital Desire photo shoots are high resolution, poster sized digital images.   Visit Digital Desire for more models and photo shoots like Kimberly’s.

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Hella is a drop dead beautiful blue eyed blonde from Look at her eyes and her smile. She truly has the face of an angel, but with a body built for pure sin. The only thing that could be pure looking at this sexy body, would be the pure lust you feel for her.  Hella is truly one of teh most beautiful and popular FemJoy Girls. As with all FemJoy photo shoots, this set consists of 68 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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Hella - Something in Your Smile FemJoy

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Klaudia Gerbera, also know as Orsolya Kocsis, or Orsi, is not only beautiful, she’s actually intelligent.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and speaks three languages: Hungarian, English and German.  In 2005, she was voted the Hungarian Playmate of the Year, and Klaudia has been the cover girl on Maxim and Penthouse.

While most men can appreciate her mind, it’s impossible not to notice her perfect body. The perfect breasts, perfect legs and perfect, well, everything.

As with all Body In Mind photo shoots, this set by Chris Ruegge, consists of 70 high quality, high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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Body In Mind consistently finds the most beautiful models.  Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott and now Anna.  Anna has the shy Girl Next Door kind of beauty that makes any woman sexy and desirable.  With her ocean blue eyes and long blonde hair, she already stands out, but who could miss the perfect curves of her breasts  and legs.

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Anna, Body In Mind, Klaudia Gerbera, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott

Body In Mind features the webs most sougt after models: Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott & Rhiana.

Lucia is a new model to MPL Studios.  She’s 22 years old and comes from the Ukraine. She has brown eyes, long amazing sexy hair, and the most perfect breasts we;ve seen since our other favorite, Kinga.  We;ve already decide that Lucia is now in our top three list of favorite models.  As with all MPL Studios photo shoots, this set consists of high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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Anya, one of MPL Studios most popular models is also one of favorites.  She has a young naive look, but she also has the body of an angel.  It’s not wonder that Anya’s Russia’s single favorite model.  She has big brown eyes, and the perfect size breasts – the perfect mouthful. As with all of MPL Studios photo shoots, this set consists of 116 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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Bella Valentine is a brown-eyed drop dead gorgeous blonde from In this photo shoot, Bella wears a aqua blue string bikini that she manages to slip out of.  Her long blonde hair and plump lips can send any man into fantasy land. This photo shoot consists of 121 high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Jamie, one of X-art’s most popular models, shows us why she’s so popular. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she has absolutely amazing bedroom eyes.   She has full lips, the kind that any man (or woman!) would love to kiss softly all night.

Jamie’s photo shoot consists of 40, high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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Anya or Fibby? She’s known by both.  No matter which name she uses, she’s one of Russia’s top and most requested models.  In this photo shoot, Anya is showing that not only is she beautiful, but she knows her way around a pool table.  Who could possibly concentrate on a game of pool with someone like Anya playing, vene fully clothed!

As with all MPL Studio photo sets, the images are high quality, high resolution life size images.

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Lexi is one of Body in Minds favorite and upcoming models. With only a few photo shoots, she is rapidly rising as one of the favorite and most asked for models.   The photographer reports that her personality is just like her pictures – an almost shy Girl Next Door type with a quiet confidence, but yet not full of herself. She’s down to earth and is exactly the type of woman that a man would want to take home to meet the family.

This photo shoot is a whopping 183 poster size, high resolution images.

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Take two photographers, add a team of incredibly beautiful girls, you will have all the ingredients needed for an explosive adventure. Forget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel BREATHLESS

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As any regular visitor to this site knows, we have our favorites, and Anya is one of them. She’s an amazing model that was born and raised in Russia. She has the face of an angel and is truly a petite beauty with the perfect legs, the perfect breasts and the perfect body.  A model doesn’t have to have DD cup breasts to be perfect, Anya proves that A-cup models can be just as sexy and sensual.

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Liala is MPL Studios second most popular model. She’s a Claire Danes look-alike with perfect legs, perfect breasts and perfect everything.  A woman wearing a mans dress shirt as a night shirt is as sexy as any piece of lingerie. Surprisingly, when polled, over 75% of men responded that they would rather see a sexy woman wearing a man’s dress shirt as a night shirt instead of sexy lingerie.

As with all MPL Studios photo shoots, these images are all high quality, high resolution, life size images.

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Do yourself a favor, if you don’t consider purchasing a membership from MPL Studios for any other reason, consider it now so you can see the entire Malena True Blue photo shoot.  Malena has an amazing body and the perfect breasts. There’s also something about a woman in tight denim shorts, but there’s always something more about a sexy oman slipping out of thsoe same denim shorst.

As with all MPL photo-shoots, this set is available in high definition, ultra high resolution.

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Corinna is one of our favorites from FemJoy. She has a kind of “girl next door” look, but yet she’s totally hot. The brown eyes with the long blond hair is the perfect combination. Throw in her killer body and heart stopping smile, and you have a combination that can’t be beat.  As with every FemJoy photo shoot, the pictures ar eall high resolution poster size images.

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Peta Todd is incredible. At 24 years old, she’s had a child and still has that amazing body.  In 2008, she cycled 400 miles (640 km) in 7 days raising over £2,000 for the “Help for Heroes” charity[2]. Peta has also traveled to Afghanistan to boost the morale of the British troops stationed there. In 2009, Peta climbed Mount Kilimanjaro along with injured servicemen and women in a bid to raise funds for Help For Heroes. She recently completed a stint as a dj on Absolute Radio and continues to model.

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