Angels. From the little cherubs with rosy cheeks to Satan himself…angels come in all shapes and sizes. An invention of early religious scholars, angels were originally male. Satan was one of the orginal angels, an archangel in fact, like Michael and Gabriel. It’s only after millenia that artists began to invent the female version. Such a creature is never mentioned in the Bible or the Koran. Yet beautiful women as angels satisfy a real need in us, the need to find a perfect woman, a woman who will rescue us from depravity and suffering with her virtue and beauty. We often see photos of beautiful nude women wearing wings. The wings are an awkward attempt to represent virtue, which is pretty hard to depict in a photo, but we think a woman like Linda shows it quite well, not only in her pride in herself, but in her happiness, her confidence, and her courage. So we left the wings off, because even without them Linda is still 100% angel – an arch angel.

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At Body in Mind we like to get close to our models, not with zoom lenses or inappropriate close-ups, but by spending quality time with them, enough to discover their hidden talents and dearest thoughts. Enough that they relax and enjoy their time in front of our camera. BiM chief photographer Chris Ruegge recently spent a couple of charmed days getting to know and photograph Linda. We’ve wanted to work with her since the first time she appeared nude a couple of years ago because of her perfect physical beauty and irresistable personality. He learned there’s a lot going on behind Linda’s beautiful blue eyes. She’s not only gorgeous but intelligent; quiet but ambitious. Spend some quality time with Linda yourself in this first of many sets to come.

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