Kinga is another one of the most popular and sought after models online today. The only models that comes close to Kinga in popularity is Klaudia.  Kinga has an amazing body, and amazing smile and beautiful long hair, but she also has that “girl next door” look. It’s this Gitl Next Door look that makes Kinga so appealing.

This post features 20 images from Kinga’s best photo shoots. Watch for more of her “Best of the Best” galleries in the near future.


Kinga has always been out absolute favorite since the beginning of the project. She has the face of an Angel, with that girl next-door look, on the perfect body. She has amazing blue eyes, long blonde hair, and the perfect figure. As always, the FemJoy photoshoot consists of high resolution, poster size prints.

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We’ve had a full week of our favorite FemJoy model Kinga.  This doesn’t mean that we will stop featuring Kinga. As with all other high quality FemJoy sets, this photo shoot consists of 26, high resolution, poster sized digital images. This set features Kinga wrapping herself in a silk stage curtain, showing off her perfect figure. I’m not sure what I like the most about Kinga, her figure, her hair or her beautiful face.

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Any yet another post on the amazing Kinga. Anyone visiting will know that King sis one of our personal favorites. In this photoshoot, Kinga poses in a construction area of a new home.  This amazing set has 25 photos, all in high resolution, poster sized digital images.  FemJoy consistently offers the best models at the best prices.

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We should call this week “Kinga Week”. Our favorite model from FemJoy is showing up more and more on  There’s something about a beautiful woman with long hair. Maybe it’s that caveman hunter-gatherer thing, maybe it’s just the idea of long hair falling down a bare back. Maybe it’s just that Kinga is the most beautiful model that we have ever seen.

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Out of all of the the beautiful women on, Kinga is our hands down favorite. With her amazing body, her long hair and those amazing eyes, it’s not difficult to see why Kinga is not only our personal favorite, but the personal favorite of several thousand visitors that search for Kinga every day.  This is Kinga at her best, showing off her amazing figure in some lucky man’s garden.

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King is one of the top five most popular models at FemJoy.

Kinga is not Irish, but one could be forgiven for thinking she is. She has that cheeky, fresh, pale, pure, joyful innocence that so many Irish dames have. And in honor of that, we decided to fly her out to Ireland for this photo shoot and see how she looked lounging naked among the mossy fens. The answer? Awesome.

There’s something mysterious about Kinga. She’s not a classic beauty in any sense, yet there’s a perfection that surrounds her. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of her posing. Perhaps it’s her smiling eyes. Perhaps it’s her almost gossamer-like pale skin. Perhaps it’s her flowing hair. Or maybe it’s all of these things. No matter what it is, you are looking into the eyes of a FEMJOY original – pure, nude, and lovely.

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