Yet another great bonus set of Klaudia. In this photo shoot, Klaudia is stripping out of her tight jeans and sheer shirt to show her amazing legs and breasts. Klaudia has a natural ability to look comfortable regardless of if she naked or wearing clothes.  Everyone likes a sexy woman in tight jeans, and Klaudia makes these jeans look amazing. Klaudia, Orsi, Orsi Koczycs, Jeans, Stripping

Kimberly Kato is a doe-eyed sexy woman with long hair and amazing perfect breasts. What’s sexier than seeing a beautiful woman slowly strip out of her tight jeans and find a lacy white bra and panties underneath. All Digital Desire photo shoots are high resolution, poster sized digital images.   Visit Digital Desire for more models and photo shoots like Kimberly’s.

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Lorena is another one of our personal favorites.  She doesn’t have over-sized breasts or the pouty “I’m A Bitch” look. She’s perfect. She has the perfect size breasts, and the seductive brown bedroom eyes.

In this photoshoot by Lucu Helios, Leorens is stripping out of her tight jeans and t-shirt outside, by a river. Looking at this photo spread, Lerena is just as beautiful and sexy in clothes as she is out of them.

As always, Met-Art offers this set in high resolution, poster sized digital prints.

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One of the startling predictions made by D.Bell’s theory of female beauty is the existence of people who lack the capacity to perceive any beauty at all. The beauty blind. We all like to think we have great taste and can appreciate great beauty, but how do we then explain the ugliness of our cities? How do you explain so much repetition in all areas of aesthetics, from the identical front lawns of suburban homes to the endless stream of nude images we find online. Do we all share the same taste, or do we copy others precisely because we can’t perceive beauty for ourselves? D.Bell says the latter. Because we lack instinct to tell us what is good or bad for us, we must choose our values for ourselves and we need a way to continue to be attracted to them even when we’re tired or forgetful. This is provided by our faculty of beauty. Beauty is the representation of our values. Invariably, we find beautiful anything that possesses or reminds us of our values. Therefore, those who fail to choose their values, simply copying the actions of others, are rendered incapable of perceiving beauty. This is why there’s so much ugliness in the world. There’s only as much beauty as people who choose their values.

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Body in Mind has always been about the most beautiful models. We’ve been doing it successfully for almost 10 years now. We know a beautiful woman when we see one, such as Jewel here. Her name is actually Juliya, but we’ve all been calling her Jewel around here lately so now the name has stuck. And it’s appropriate. It’s taken us almost a year to find this girl and get some great photos of her. We wish we’d found her sooner because we hate to see such incredible beauty go to waste. It’s like a diamond underground. No way to sparkle down there. But we’re thrilled to be able to let Jewel sparkle for you now, in the dappled morning sun, in her first ever series for Body in Mind.

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People are always saying that intelligence is sexy, that the sexiest body part is the brain, and so on. So then why do we see so few nude or erotic photos that showcase a woman’s mind? “The Thinker” by the French master August Rodin is arguably the most famous sculpture in the world, depicting a nude man sitting alone broodingly deep in thought. But where is the art depicting an intelligent, thoughtful woman?

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Body in Mind focuses on maximum female beauty, and attracts the best photographers from all over the world shooting beautiful, non-sexual nudes. Continuing in the pinup tradition of the 40s, cheesecake of the 50s, Playboy of the 60s-70s and Supermodels of the 80s, Body in Mind re-introduced this focus to the 90s and the new millenium. Today Body in Mind consistently features the most uplifting, spirited, wholesome, non-sexual female nudes around. We call it ‘super beauty’.

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