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Nena is a FemJoy model that is rapidly becoming one of the websites most searched for models. It’s no wonder with her perfect petite body and perfect breasts.  Who doesn’t like a sexy woman stripping out of jeans, a sexy woman with the perfect body and breasts no less.  This photo shoot consist of 40, high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Hella is a drop dead beautiful blue eyed blonde from Look at her eyes and her smile. She truly has the face of an angel, but with a body built for pure sin. The only thing that could be pure looking at this sexy body, would be the pure lust you feel for her.  Hella is truly one of teh most beautiful and popular FemJoy Girls. As with all FemJoy photo shoots, this set consists of 68 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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Hella - Something in Your Smile FemJoy

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Corinna, one of the Femjoy favorites, is back for a reprise of her all time most popular photo shoot. Her original dock photo shoot. With her long blonde hair, big brown eyes, and amazing breasts, Corinna is one of the all time Femjoy favorites.  This photo shoot consists  life-sized, poster, high quality, high resolution, digital prints.

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Corinna is one of our favorites from FemJoy. She has a kind of “girl next door” look, but yet she’s totally hot. The brown eyes with the long blond hair is the perfect combination. Throw in her killer body and heart stopping smile, and you have a combination that can’t be beat.  As with every FemJoy photo shoot, the pictures ar eall high resolution poster size images.

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Ariel has an amazing body that goes perfectly with her amazing smile. She has the perfect breasts and the absolute perfect ass. Her hair color matches her wild personality that frequently gets her into trouble. In a tight dress or in nothing at all, Ariel is amazingly perfect.  As with all FemJoy photo shoots, these images are high resolution poster sized digital images.

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Corinna is another one of favorites. She’s not the perfect supermodel, but we think the imperfections actually do make her perfect. She has long blond hair and amazing jade green eyes that match the water and background in this photo shoot. She has the perfect legs and perfect breasts, and a killer smile that would light up any room.

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Verena has a quiet sensual and subtle beauty. Her soft brown eyes could melt any mans heart. Her smile could disarm anyone that’s not prepared. She has an amazing petite body and long slender legs that are nothing less than perfect.  Her breasts are the perfect handful – or mouthful.  Shes the perfct girl-next-door type that anyone would want to take home.

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Eva from FemJoy is another favorite at   In this gallery, she is truly gorgeous.  She has the laid back, girl next door look, with big blue eyes and long dark hair.   Eva has the perfect figure – perfect legs and perfectly shaped breasts. Her face is as beautiful as her body.

This photo shoot was done by photographer Stefan Soell, and consists of the typical, FemJoy, high quality, high resolution, poster sized prints. How can you go wrong with high resolution, life sized prints of such a beautiful woman?

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Ariel is another favorite model from FemJoy. She has shocking red hair, emerald green eyes and an amazing body. She has a sensual look that’s impossible for any man (or woman) to ignore.  HEr sensual look is balanced out by her shocking red hair that says she can be sensual, but knows how to be wild.  As always, this FemJoy photo shoot consists of high resolution, poster sized digital images of the same high quality we have come to expect from FemJoy

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Eva is an amazing and natural brunette from FemJoy.  Not only does she have a stunningly beautiful face, but she has one of the most amazing bodies that we have seen for a while. She has the perfect legs – not too skinny, not plump – just perfect.  She has amazing brown bedroom eyes and a perfect smile to die for.  This is the type of women that men used to go to war with other countries over.

As always, this photo shoot is available in high resolution, poster size digital images.

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We’ve had a full week of our favorite FemJoy model Kinga.  This doesn’t mean that we will stop featuring Kinga. As with all other high quality FemJoy sets, this photo shoot consists of 26, high resolution, poster sized digital images. This set features Kinga wrapping herself in a silk stage curtain, showing off her perfect figure. I’m not sure what I like the most about Kinga, her figure, her hair or her beautiful face.

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The difference between models on the other adult sites, and the models on, is that every one of the models is smiling and showing that they enjoy what they are doing. It’s a huge turn-off to see a beautiful model scowling like she would like to be anywhere else but there. The models at OnlyPetites are only top shelf models that enjoy showing off their beautiful bodies and show that by the happy and seductive facial expressions.  You will only find top shelf, professional models at

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Hella is a new model at FemJoy.  She truly has the face of angel and amazing eyes that are beyond description. She has a smile that could stop anyone in their tracks.  We don’t normally sho close-ups of the models faces in these posts, but we couldn’t help but Show Hella’s face and amazing eyes.  Along with the face of an engel and the amazing eyes, Hella has long blonde hair and the perfect body.  I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

Hella’s photoshoot consist of 70 high rresolution, poster sized digital images, all in the high quality that we have come to expect form FemJoy.

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Any yet another post on the amazing Kinga. Anyone visiting will know that King sis one of our personal favorites. In this photoshoot, Kinga poses in a construction area of a new home.  This amazing set has 25 photos, all in high resolution, poster sized digital images.  FemJoy consistently offers the best models at the best prices.

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Jayla is a brown-eyed, brunette beauty from FemJoy.  There’s something about a brown-eyed woman that gives them bedroom eyes. It’s the smile, or maybe the easy going eyes, or maybe it’s something else that can’t be easily defined.  Jayla’s photoshoot consists of 33 high resolution, poster sized digital images. All in the same high quality that FemJoy has consistently produced.

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Paulina from FemJoy is one of the up and coming models that is rapidly gaining popularity. Looking at these pictures, it’s not difficult to see why she’s one of the new most-searched for models at FemJoy.  This photo shoot consists of 64 high resolution, poster sized digital images.  Check out Paulina’s gallery to see 18 sample images and know that this is one of the best and sexiest photo sets this week.

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We should call this week “Kinga Week”. Our favorite model from FemJoy is showing up more and more on  There’s something about a beautiful woman with long hair. Maybe it’s that caveman hunter-gatherer thing, maybe it’s just the idea of long hair falling down a bare back. Maybe it’s just that Kinga is the most beautiful model that we have ever seen.

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Out of all of the the beautiful women on, Kinga is our hands down favorite. With her amazing body, her long hair and those amazing eyes, it’s not difficult to see why Kinga is not only our personal favorite, but the personal favorite of several thousand visitors that search for Kinga every day.  This is Kinga at her best, showing off her amazing figure in some lucky man’s garden.

At FemJoy, see these pictures in high resolution poster size.

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Evalina is an angelic blonde bombshell from FemJoy. With her curly blonde hair and deep sea blue eyes, she is the ultimate Apple-Pie blonde.  What man wouldn’t want to wake up next to an amazing Woman like Evalina?  What can be more sexy that a gorgeous blonde, barefoot in paradise. She has perfect legs, perfect breasts and the perfect face. She has the total package.

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When you join FEMJOY you get access to every photo and movie inside the site. This incredible collection of pure nude artistry features super sexy models. All of them are real girls – waitresses, students, musicians – and many of them are posing nude for the first time ever. Every movie in FEMJOY comes with a corresponding picture set, so you can look at the pictures and then watch them move. All the images come in three sizes – 600, 1000, and 3000 or 4000 pixels and all the photo sets can be downloaded in ZIP files. But the best thing about joining FEMJOY is the intimate relationship you develop with the girls. With new photos and movies appearing every day, you really get to know the girls as you watch them frolic in nature and develop physically. It’s a community of members and models that appreciate pure nudes without all the ugly aspects of porn.

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Corinna has the innocence and face of an angel, and the body built for sin.  She knows how to use those amazing bedroom eyes and the long hair to make anyone want her – men and women alike. Who could resist seeing a smile and a face like hers every day?

FEMJOY is THE PREMIER pure nudes site on the web. And what sets it apart from all the other sites? Several things. The beauty of its models, the intimacy of its photos, and its “moving pictures,” each of which has an accompanying “picture set” so you can watch the movie AND look at the photos. If you love your girls pure and natural and gorgeous, always playing naked in beautiful natural settings, come to FEMJOY! Updated EVERY DAY!!

20 images in this set are poster size!

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King is one of the top five most popular models at FemJoy.

Kinga is not Irish, but one could be forgiven for thinking she is. She has that cheeky, fresh, pale, pure, joyful innocence that so many Irish dames have. And in honor of that, we decided to fly her out to Ireland for this photo shoot and see how she looked lounging naked among the mossy fens. The answer? Awesome.

There’s something mysterious about Kinga. She’s not a classic beauty in any sense, yet there’s a perfection that surrounds her. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of her posing. Perhaps it’s her smiling eyes. Perhaps it’s her almost gossamer-like pale skin. Perhaps it’s her flowing hair. Or maybe it’s all of these things. No matter what it is, you are looking into the eyes of a FEMJOY original – pure, nude, and lovely.

Full member gallery features high-resolution,  poster sized digital images

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