Hella is a new model at FemJoy.  She truly has the face of angel and amazing eyes that are beyond description. She has a smile that could stop anyone in their tracks.  We don’t normally sho close-ups of the models faces in these posts, but we couldn’t help but Show Hella’s face and amazing eyes.  Along with the face of an engel and the amazing eyes, Hella has long blonde hair and the perfect body.  I don’t think anyone can argue with that.

Hella’s photoshoot consist of 70 high rresolution, poster sized digital images, all in the high quality that we have come to expect form FemJoy.

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Any yet another post on the amazing Kinga. Anyone visiting OnlyPetites.com will know that King sis one of our personal favorites. In this photoshoot, Kinga poses in a construction area of a new home.  This amazing set has 25 photos, all in high resolution, poster sized digital images.  FemJoy consistently offers the best models at the best prices.

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Jayla is a brown-eyed, brunette beauty from FemJoy.  There’s something about a brown-eyed woman that gives them bedroom eyes. It’s the smile, or maybe the easy going eyes, or maybe it’s something else that can’t be easily defined.  Jayla’s photoshoot consists of 33 high resolution, poster sized digital images. All in the same high quality that FemJoy has consistently produced.

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