There’s a lot of nude photos on the internet these days, and there’s more and more every day. Men, it seems, have an inexhaustible appetite for the sight of beautiful, naked women. But instead of the variety and creativity of these nude photos increasing as you might expect, the photos we are seeing are looking more and more similar – the same poses, the same locations, the same models. The producers of nude photos have learned that very young models smiling wildly with their legs wide open sell better than anything else, so this is what we see. Repetition, similarity, and porn have become the rule. But Body in Mind is different. Our goal is to innovate, originate, and beautify. This set of our new model Jacqueline is our latest installment. You won’t see any of it anywhere else.

Yet another great bonus set of Klaudia. In this photo shoot, Klaudia is stripping out of her tight jeans and sheer shirt to show her amazing legs and breasts. Klaudia has a natural ability to look comfortable regardless of if she naked or wearing clothes.  Everyone likes a sexy woman in tight jeans, and Klaudia makes these jeans look amazing. Klaudia, Orsi, Orsi Koczycs, Jeans, Stripping

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Anya, MPL Studios all-time favorite model, is here in a high resolution bonus gallery.  Anya’s photo shoot, Postcards From The Edge, is one of Anya’s most popular sets, despite the fact that 90% of the images are non-nude!  Anya is beautiful and sexy with clothes on as well as without them on.

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Klaudia Bonus Gallery – 25 high resolution images.

Klaudia Gerbera, also know as Orsolya Kocsis, or Orsi, is not only beautiful, she’s actually intelligent.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and speaks three languages: Hungarian, English and German.  In 2005, she was voted the Hungarian Playmate of the Year, and Klaudia has been the cover girl on Maxim and Penthouse.

Klaudia Gerbera, BIM, Body In Mind, Klaudia

Klaudia Gerbera, also know as Orsolya Kocsis, or Orsi, is not only beautiful, she’s actually intelligent.  She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and speaks three languages: Hungarian, English and German.  In 2005, she was voted the Hungarian Playmate of the Year, and Klaudia has been the cover girl on Maxim and Penthouse.

While most men can appreciate her mind, it’s impossible not to notice her perfect body. The perfect breasts, perfect legs and perfect, well, everything.

As with all Body In Mind photo shoots, this set by Chris Ruegge, consists of 70 high quality, high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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Anya, one of MPL Studios most popular models is also one of favorites.  She has a young naive look, but she also has the body of an angel.  It’s not wonder that Anya’s Russia’s single favorite model.  She has big brown eyes, and the perfect size breasts – the perfect mouthful. As with all of MPL Studios photo shoots, this set consists of 116 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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You know this beautiful woman as Klaudia Gerbera, but did you know her real name is Orsolya Kocsis, or Orsi?

Orsi Kocsis (pronounced “OR-she KO-chish”) is a Hungarian fashion, glamour and art nude model. She was voted the Hungarian Playmate of the Year in 2005 by a special audience election. Orsi has also been featured as a cover girl on Maxim and Penthouse.

She was born in Debrecen, Hungary on September 6, 1984, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality, and speaks Hungarian, English and German.

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Yet another photo shoot of everyone’s favorite British model, Nikkala Stott. Nikkala got her big break appearing as a Page 3 girl in the British newspaper, The Sun.   Since her debut at The Sun, Nikkala’s career has been virtually unstoppable.  Nikkala’s uncommon beauty, and her perfect body, are a combination that can’t be matched.

As with all Body in Mind photo shoots, Nikkala’s photo set consists of 142 high resolution, poster sized digital prints.

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Yet another amazing photo shoot of our favorite model Anya. Experience a true sense of the girls…the shyness, the curiosity, the exploration, the eroticism, the exhilaration of being natural and naked in front of the camera . It’s a sexy, sophisticated, personal approach to nude art, and MPL Studios does it to perfection.  As with all MPL Studios photo shoots, this set is high resolution, poster sized digital prints.

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Anya Divinia - Nude, Sexy, Naked

Another outstanding photo shoot of Anya, Russia’s most popular model.  It’s not quite accurate any more to say that Anya is Russia’s most popular model, she is also one of America’s favorite models. She is on of the top three most viewed models on  “Anya Naked” or “Anya Nude” are the two most popular search terms.

This photo shoot, like all MPL-Studios photo shoots, consists of 60 high resolution, life-size digital images.

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Anya Divinia, nude, maked

Anya Dininia - naked, sexy, nude

Anya Divinia - naked, nude, sexy

Shyla Jennings is another one of our favorite models. She has a killer smile, and eyes that can make anyone’s heart beat faster.  Shyla is a Selena Gomez look alike – at least what we think Selena might look like when she’s 21.  Enjoy these wallpapers. If you like these, leave comments and if they’re popular, we’ll add more wallpapers in the future.


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Jamie, one of X-art’s most popular models, shows us why she’s so popular. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she has absolutely amazing bedroom eyes.   She has full lips, the kind that any man (or woman!) would love to kiss softly all night.

Jamie’s photo shoot consists of 40, high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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As boys we men all would like to have seen the nude women we knew were on the other side of the door. Perhaps it was in the girls’ shower in gym class, or your older sister’s teen slumber party. But peeking through keyholes or frustrated curiosities are not what Body in Mind is about. We prefer to be grown up about it, and simply to ask a gorgeous lady like Klaudia to come out from behind her door and let us enjoy the sight of her completely nude. Happily, we find lots of amazing women like her who enjoy showing off and being admired, who show us we never had to feel guilty or hopeless, and how great it is to be all grown up now. In fact, beauties like Klaudia make adulthood way more fun than being a kid ever was.

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As any regular visitor to this site knows, we have our favorites, and Anya is one of them. She’s an amazing model that was born and raised in Russia. She has the face of an angel and is truly a petite beauty with the perfect legs, the perfect breasts and the perfect body.  A model doesn’t have to have DD cup breasts to be perfect, Anya proves that A-cup models can be just as sexy and sensual.

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Do yourself a favor, if you don’t consider purchasing a membership from MPL Studios for any other reason, consider it now so you can see the entire Malena True Blue photo shoot.  Malena has an amazing body and the perfect breasts. There’s also something about a woman in tight denim shorts, but there’s always something more about a sexy oman slipping out of thsoe same denim shorst.

As with all MPL photo-shoots, this set is available in high definition, ultra high resolution.

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There’s a certain angelic quality to Anya’s beauty that’s impossible to ignore…and yet, she stirs the imagination with restless thoughts of pure indulgence.

Anya is all things in one…a seductress, a vixen, a maiden, a goddess, a nymph, a vibrant and healthy girl.

Few will deny the hypnotic effect of Anya’s sleek lines and long, sensual curves. All it takes is one look from her sultry brown eyes and you’re quickly put under a spell…a spell of beauty and romance that’s impossible to get out of your mind.

Both innocent and erotic, Anya from MPL Studios will awaken your wildest fantasies…

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Peta Todd is incredible. At 24 years old, she’s had a child and still has that amazing body.  In 2008, she cycled 400 miles (640 km) in 7 days raising over £2,000 for the “Help for Heroes” charity[2]. Peta has also traveled to Afghanistan to boost the morale of the British troops stationed there. In 2009, Peta climbed Mount Kilimanjaro along with injured servicemen and women in a bid to raise funds for Help For Heroes. She recently completed a stint as a dj on Absolute Radio and continues to model.

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Met Art’s Leorna is one of our all time favorite models. She doesn’t have fake breasts, she doesn’t have a fake smile, and she has the face of an angel. Lorena does have the perfect smile, the perfect legs and the most awesome ass. She could make anyone take a second look. As with all Met-Art photo shoots, this set is a high resolution set that includes life size digital images.

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Shyla Jenning sis a 19 year old stunner that is a Selena Gomez look-alike. She has green eyes and the perfect C-Cup breasts.  She has that refreshing girl-next-door look and a smile that says “take me”.   Her smile could melt anyone, both men and women alike.  All photo sets at Digital Desire are high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Verena has a quiet sensual and subtle beauty. Her soft brown eyes could melt any mans heart. Her smile could disarm anyone that’s not prepared. She has an amazing petite body and long slender legs that are nothing less than perfect.  Her breasts are the perfect handful – or mouthful.  Shes the perfct girl-next-door type that anyone would want to take home.

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Any regular visitor to knows that Klaudia is our hands-down favorite.  Her given name is Orsi Kocsis, but regardless of what she’s called, she is drop-dead beautiful, sensual, erotic, exotic and pure sexy.   She has the beauty to do anything or anyone that she wants, but she chooses to model and share her beauty with those that truly appreciate her.  This photoshoot consists of 70, high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Eva from FemJoy is another favorite at   In this gallery, she is truly gorgeous.  She has the laid back, girl next door look, with big blue eyes and long dark hair.   Eva has the perfect figure – perfect legs and perfectly shaped breasts. Her face is as beautiful as her body.

This photo shoot was done by photographer Stefan Soell, and consists of the typical, FemJoy, high quality, high resolution, poster sized prints. How can you go wrong with high resolution, life sized prints of such a beautiful woman?

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