Take two photographers, add a team of incredibly beautiful girls, you will have all the ingredients needed for an explosive adventure. Forget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel BREATHLESS

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Breath-Takers.com is a new partner to OnlyPetites.com. When we first visited the site and saw women that looked like this, we knew instantly that we wanted to feature their beautiful women on OnlyPetites.com

Rachel has only been modeling for six months, and this session on Breath-Takers.com is her first naked photo shoot ever.  Rachel is 5 ft 4 inches,   with blond hair and blue eyes. Rahel’s measurements are: 32-23-30.  After looking a several of Rachel’s photo shoots, we have to agree that she truly belongs at Breath-Takers.com

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