Hella is a drop dead beautiful blue eyed blonde from FemJoy.com. Look at her eyes and her smile. She truly has the face of an angel, but with a body built for pure sin. The only thing that could be pure looking at this sexy body, would be the pure lust you feel for her.  Hella is truly one of teh most beautiful and popular FemJoy Girls. As with all FemJoy photo shoots, this set consists of 68 high resolution, poster sized, digital images.

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Hella - Something in Your Smile FemJoy

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Body In Mind consistently finds the most beautiful models.  Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott and now Anna.  Anna has the shy Girl Next Door kind of beauty that makes any woman sexy and desirable.  With her ocean blue eyes and long blonde hair, she already stands out, but who could miss the perfect curves of her breasts  and legs.

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Anna, Body In Mind, Klaudia Gerbera, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott

Body In Mind features the webs most sougt after models: Klaudia Gerbera, Pita Todd, Nikkala Stott & Rhiana.

Shyla Jennings is another one of our favorite models. She has a killer smile, and eyes that can make anyone’s heart beat faster.  Shyla is a Selena Gomez look alike – at least what we think Selena might look like when she’s 21.  Enjoy these wallpapers. If you like these, leave comments and if they’re popular, we’ll add more wallpapers in the future.


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Jamie, one of X-art’s most popular models, shows us why she’s so popular. Not only does she have an amazing body, but she has absolutely amazing bedroom eyes.   She has full lips, the kind that any man (or woman!) would love to kiss softly all night.

Jamie’s photo shoot consists of 40, high resolution, poster sized digital images.

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Lexi is one of Body in Minds favorite and upcoming models. With only a few photo shoots, she is rapidly rising as one of the favorite and most asked for models.   The photographer reports that her personality is just like her pictures – an almost shy Girl Next Door type with a quiet confidence, but yet not full of herself. She’s down to earth and is exactly the type of woman that a man would want to take home to meet the family.

This photo shoot is a whopping 183 poster size, high resolution images.

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Take two photographers, add a team of incredibly beautiful girls, you will have all the ingredients needed for an explosive adventure. Forget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel BREATHLESS

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Do yourself a favor, if you don’t consider purchasing a membership from MPL Studios for any other reason, consider it now so you can see the entire Malena True Blue photo shoot.  Malena has an amazing body and the perfect breasts. There’s also something about a woman in tight denim shorts, but there’s always something more about a sexy oman slipping out of thsoe same denim shorst.

As with all MPL photo-shoots, this set is available in high definition, ultra high resolution.

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Rachel is a blond hair, blue eyed angelForget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel breathless.

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Peta Todd is incredible. At 24 years old, she’s had a child and still has that amazing body.  In 2008, she cycled 400 miles (640 km) in 7 days raising over £2,000 for the “Help for Heroes” charity[2]. Peta has also traveled to Afghanistan to boost the morale of the British troops stationed there. In 2009, Peta climbed Mount Kilimanjaro along with injured servicemen and women in a bid to raise funds for Help For Heroes. She recently completed a stint as a dj on Absolute Radio and continues to model.

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Met Art’s Leorna is one of our all time favorite models. She doesn’t have fake breasts, she doesn’t have a fake smile, and she has the face of an angel. Lorena does have the perfect smile, the perfect legs and the most awesome ass. She could make anyone take a second look. As with all Met-Art photo shoots, this set is a high resolution set that includes life size digital images.

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MPL Studios consistently photographs the best models in amazing locations. Monika is a petite blond that has the perfect body, and the face of an angel, with baby blue eyes and a killer smile.  As with all MPL Studio sets, this photo shoot consists of high resolution, poster size digital prints by a master photographer

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Motion in the Ocean Free Gallery




Jenni is an incredible blonde that is popular across many websites. This photo shoot consists of 63, high resolution digital images, all up to 12mp per image.  Jenni has the perfect body – not too skinny, and definitely not over weight.

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Another awesome photo shoot of British model Nikkala Stott. Nikkala starts out with a tiny purple bikini, and slowly loses it piece by piece. Nikkala is an amazing woman with the perfect body, legs and breasts. Nothing is more sexy than a woman getting out of the pool, dripping wet, and slipping off the top to her bikini. We’ve all seen the impossibly beautiful women at the local pools, Nikkala is one of them.

This photo shoot consists of 129 high resolution, poster size digital prints taken by Playboy photographer Paul Buceta.

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Jenni is an incredible blond model that is featured on many different sites, She has the perfesct face, the perfect body and the absolute perfect ass.  She’s not like the other models that are skinny waif’s, she’s the perfect size. She has “girl next door” innocent look with a body that built for anything but innocence.  Be sure to see Jenni’s other posts under other sites on OnlyPetites.com

Like all other Met-Art photo shoots, this set is high quality, high resolution, life size digital posters at 3500 dpi.

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Brea Bennett is an amazing blond from one of our newer partners, DigitalDesire.com.  Brea has an unbelievably perfect face and body, and has the absolutely most perfect breasts that we’ve ever seen. They are the perfect C-Cup, a perfect handful, perky and beg to be touched.  As with all of our partners, this photoshoot is available in poster siz, high resolution digital images.

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Nikkala Stott wearing sunglasses in the desert.

Nikkala Stott was born in Middlesex, England on February 1, 1983. She’s 5 ft 6 in tall, has brown hair and amazing sea blue eyes.

A British tabloid newspaper called The Sun, regularly features topless and nude pictures of women on Page 3. Women who model regularly for this feature are known as “Page Three Girls”.

Nikkala first posed for Page 3 on July 6, 2000 at the age of 18, and still models for them today, having appeared as a Page Three Girl over 160 times. She has modeled for many men’s magazines such as FHM, Zoo, Maxim, ICE, Loaded, for Body in mind and was a Soccer AM Soccerette. She is a model under Girl Management, which she co-owns with other Page 3 stars.

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This photoshoot consists of an incredible 307 (yes, three hundred  and seven!) poster-size digital photos by Dwayne and Leanne Bell!

Lexi is an incredible model from Body in Mind. Her long blond hair, sea-blue eyes and quiet grace and confidence make her irresistible on many different levels.

The writer at Body in Mind put it best:  When Lexi walked into our Chicago studio that day, she had the easy grace of a confident young woman. She seemed nice, but what we all wondered was: is she a good model? Would she know how to pose our way, without sexual innuendo or seediness? As photographers, we couldn’t know until she took her seat on set. So the lights were set up, the stylist helped apply her makeup and fix her hair, and in the background a Beatles playlist accompanied the busywork that goes into prepping a set. Throughout it all Lexi was quiet but attentive, waiting patiently for her cue. Then, a radiant smile, a toss of gorgeous blonde hair, a piercing gaze from placid blue eyes. Pose after pose, Lexi hit it everytime. It’s a rare pleasure to shoot a woman who knows how to work her beauty, and we couldn’t take enough photos of her. We were sorry when the shoot was over. Enjoy this set of Lexi sitting pretty, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be too.

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Eva from FemJoy is another favorite at OnlyPetites.com.   In this gallery, she is truly gorgeous.  She has the laid back, girl next door look, with big blue eyes and long dark hair.   Eva has the perfect figure – perfect legs and perfectly shaped breasts. Her face is as beautiful as her body.

This photo shoot was done by photographer Stefan Soell, and consists of the typical, FemJoy, high quality, high resolution, poster sized prints. How can you go wrong with high resolution, life sized prints of such a beautiful woman?

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Katrin is a 19 year old redhead fom Russia. She has one of the most amazing bodies that we have ever seen. From her perfect breasts, to her perfect legs and ass, we think she’s perfect all over.  As usual, Met-Art has found the best of the best models for their photo shoot.

This photoshoot consists of over 130 high resolution, poster sized images, all in 4200 DPI. That means they are larger than poster size.

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Ariel is an amazing petite redhead that is a favorite model at several different sites.  In this photoshoot, she looks amazing in her sexy black stockings and high heels.  Her amazing hazel eyes could met any man’s heart and break their resistance.  See Ariel’s complete photoshoot, as well as hundreds of other amazing and erotic models at Digital Desire.

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96 Super Size photos of Nikkala Stott by Paul Buceta

Anyone who knows Body in Mind can guess that Nikkala Stott is our vote for the best model in the world. What’s not obvious is that our newest photographer Paul Buceta just might be our choice for best photographer. In fact, we think his latest set of Nikkala is the best we’ve ever featured on Body in Mind. We affectionately call him a “photo savant”. Since Paul first picked up a camera a few years ago he has instinctively taken better photos than even the most seasoned shooters. And unlike most photographers who spend half their time looking for good models, one look at his online portfolio and gorgeous women come running to him! We knew we had to get our best models in front of his camera before he became too famous to bother with us. Ironically, we think his amazing pix of Nikkala Stott and Peta Todd are likely to make that happen sooner rather than later.

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We’ve had a full week of our favorite FemJoy model Kinga.  This doesn’t mean that we will stop featuring Kinga. As with all other high quality FemJoy sets, this photo shoot consists of 26, high resolution, poster sized digital images. This set features Kinga wrapping herself in a silk stage curtain, showing off her perfect figure. I’m not sure what I like the most about Kinga, her figure, her hair or her beautiful face.

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