Kimberly Kato is a doe-eyed sexy woman with long hair and amazing perfect breasts. What’s sexier than seeing a beautiful woman slowly strip out of her tight jeans and find a lacy white bra and panties underneath. All Digital Desire photo shoots are high resolution, poster sized digital images.   Visit Digital Desire for more models and photo shoots like Kimberly’s.

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MET Art has been the best artistic nude site for many years and I suspect it will hold onto that crown for many years to come. The level of attention to quality in both photography and file quality is seldom seen and it really is what sets MET Art apart from most paysites. Jo6in this website and I can promise you that you will return nearly every day. I know that I will be. What I have written simply doesn’t do MET Art justice. I don’t have the words in my vocabulary to express just how wonderful this website is. So, if you are not convinced by what I have told you, then at least go to the tour and look at the sample videos for yourself..

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Natalia B, posing on a pontoon bridge. With her long blonde hair and soft blue eyes, Natalia B shows us her perfect legs and amazing petite body in this photo shoot by Rigin.  As with all Met-Art photo sets, this shoot consists of 163 high resolution, poster size digital images at 4300 pixel resolution.

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Lexi is one of Body in Minds favorite and upcoming models. With only a few photo shoots, she is rapidly rising as one of the favorite and most asked for models.   The photographer reports that her personality is just like her pictures – an almost shy Girl Next Door type with a quiet confidence, but yet not full of herself. She’s down to earth and is exactly the type of woman that a man would want to take home to meet the family.

This photo shoot is a whopping 183 poster size, high resolution images.

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Take two photographers, add a team of incredibly beautiful girls, you will have all the ingredients needed for an explosive adventure. Forget about tons of makup, artificial lights, BreathTakers is about natural, authentic, intimate beauty, the beauty that you see everyday in the streets, at work, in the metro, this moment when, for a second, you feel so amazed and so weak just because she sits in front of you, this second when you feel BREATHLESS

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Jenni is an incredible blonde that is popular across many websites. This photo shoot consists of 63, high resolution digital images, all up to 12mp per image.  Jenni has the perfect body – not too skinny, and definitely not over weight.

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This photoshoot consists of an incredible 307 (yes, three hundred  and seven!) poster-size digital photos by Dwayne and Leanne Bell!

Lexi is an incredible model from Body in Mind. Her long blond hair, sea-blue eyes and quiet grace and confidence make her irresistible on many different levels.

The writer at Body in Mind put it best:  When Lexi walked into our Chicago studio that day, she had the easy grace of a confident young woman. She seemed nice, but what we all wondered was: is she a good model? Would she know how to pose our way, without sexual innuendo or seediness? As photographers, we couldn’t know until she took her seat on set. So the lights were set up, the stylist helped apply her makeup and fix her hair, and in the background a Beatles playlist accompanied the busywork that goes into prepping a set. Throughout it all Lexi was quiet but attentive, waiting patiently for her cue. Then, a radiant smile, a toss of gorgeous blonde hair, a piercing gaze from placid blue eyes. Pose after pose, Lexi hit it everytime. It’s a rare pleasure to shoot a woman who knows how to work her beauty, and we couldn’t take enough photos of her. We were sorry when the shoot was over. Enjoy this set of Lexi sitting pretty, and we’re pretty sure you’ll be too.

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Lidiya is a 23 year old model form the Ukraine. She has red hair and green eyes. Lidiya has a smile that could stop a war and a figure that men couldn’t resist. She has amazing legs and a great ass.. How could some lucky man not be in heaven waking up next to this beautiful angel every morning.

This Perxeia photo shoot is by the famous photographer Goncharov. The digital poster size images are 4200 x 2200 pixels. See a contact sheet of this complete shoot at the bottom of the article.

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So many favorite naked, beautiful women, so little time!  Anya from MPL Studios is another one of our long-time favorites.  Her photo shoot, Forces of Nature, is hands down, one of her sexiest yet. There’s just something about a beautiful naked woman that soaking wet with wet hair. What is it about wet hair that is so sexy?  In this case, it’s the perfectly proportioned figure along with the face of an engel and the amazing brown bedroom eyes.  Do yourself a favor and look at all of Anya’s photo sets.

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Ariel is another favorite model from FemJoy. She has shocking red hair, emerald green eyes and an amazing body. She has a sensual look that’s impossible for any man (or woman) to ignore.  HEr sensual look is balanced out by her shocking red hair that says she can be sensual, but knows how to be wild.  As always, this FemJoy photo shoot consists of high resolution, poster sized digital images of the same high quality we have come to expect from FemJoy

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96 Super Size photos of Nikkala Stott by Paul Buceta

Anyone who knows Body in Mind can guess that Nikkala Stott is our vote for the best model in the world. What’s not obvious is that our newest photographer Paul Buceta just might be our choice for best photographer. In fact, we think his latest set of Nikkala is the best we’ve ever featured on Body in Mind. We affectionately call him a “photo savant”. Since Paul first picked up a camera a few years ago he has instinctively taken better photos than even the most seasoned shooters. And unlike most photographers who spend half their time looking for good models, one look at his online portfolio and gorgeous women come running to him! We knew we had to get our best models in front of his camera before he became too famous to bother with us. Ironically, we think his amazing pix of Nikkala Stott and Peta Todd are likely to make that happen sooner rather than later.

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We’ve had a full week of our favorite FemJoy model Kinga.  This doesn’t mean that we will stop featuring Kinga. As with all other high quality FemJoy sets, this photo shoot consists of 26, high resolution, poster sized digital images. This set features Kinga wrapping herself in a silk stage curtain, showing off her perfect figure. I’m not sure what I like the most about Kinga, her figure, her hair or her beautiful face.

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This Peta Todd photo shoot is sure to be one of her most popular sets yet.  This exclusive peek at the Peta Todd Hoodie photo shoot is available here before anywhere else (except Body In Mind of course!)  This shoot consists of 141 high resolution, poster-size photos by Paul Buceta. These massive images are 3000 x 2000 x 200 dpi.  This is one of the galleries that you don’t want to miss.   We have seen the entire high resolution gallery. You won’t be disappointed!

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We should call this week “Kinga Week”. Our favorite model from FemJoy is showing up more and more on  There’s something about a beautiful woman with long hair. Maybe it’s that caveman hunter-gatherer thing, maybe it’s just the idea of long hair falling down a bare back. Maybe it’s just that Kinga is the most beautiful model that we have ever seen.

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Out of all of the the beautiful women on, Kinga is our hands down favorite. With her amazing body, her long hair and those amazing eyes, it’s not difficult to see why Kinga is not only our personal favorite, but the personal favorite of several thousand visitors that search for Kinga every day.  This is Kinga at her best, showing off her amazing figure in some lucky man’s garden.

At FemJoy, see these pictures in high resolution poster size.

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King is one of the top five most popular models at FemJoy.

Kinga is not Irish, but one could be forgiven for thinking she is. She has that cheeky, fresh, pale, pure, joyful innocence that so many Irish dames have. And in honor of that, we decided to fly her out to Ireland for this photo shoot and see how she looked lounging naked among the mossy fens. The answer? Awesome.

There’s something mysterious about Kinga. She’s not a classic beauty in any sense, yet there’s a perfection that surrounds her. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of her posing. Perhaps it’s her smiling eyes. Perhaps it’s her almost gossamer-like pale skin. Perhaps it’s her flowing hair. Or maybe it’s all of these things. No matter what it is, you are looking into the eyes of a FEMJOY original – pure, nude, and lovely.

Full member gallery features high-resolution,  poster sized digital images

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Anothe set of our favorite model Jenni.  In this photo shoot, Jenni brightens up someone’s picnic in the woods with her amazing body and her blue eyes and smile that are completely irresitable.  Some models show that they are only there for the job, you can always tell by their posture, body language and the look on their face. The amazing thing about Jenni is that she clearly loves posing nude for the photographer. That’s a genuine smile and not a forced smile.

This set is available in poster size, high resolution, digital images

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REAL GIRLS – NATURAL BEAUTY – FemJoy only works with “real girls” that you can meet in your everyday life. Shop girls, students, interns, dancers. Girls you feel that you can approach, even if they are the most beautiful vision you’ve ever seen. All their nudes are pure, beautiful, and natural. We challenge you to find anything fake about their photos and movies. The girls are natural, the settings are natural and the photographic techniques and production styles support the natural female beauty.

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Jenni is one of our all-time favorites, She is a blue eyed, blonde angel with an amazing body that words have a hard time describing.   In this photo shoot, Jenni shows off her amazing body by highlighting it in a window frame.  She has eyes to die for and a smile that leaves men (and even quite a few women) speechless.  Every image in this set is high resolution, poster-size digital images. FemJoy specializes in finding and photographing the most beautiful women in the world, in tasteful nude scenes.

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Angels. From the little cherubs with rosy cheeks to Satan himself…angels come in all shapes and sizes. An invention of early religious scholars, angels were originally male. Satan was one of the orginal angels, an archangel in fact, like Michael and Gabriel. It’s only after millenia that artists began to invent the female version. Such a creature is never mentioned in the Bible or the Koran. Yet beautiful women as angels satisfy a real need in us, the need to find a perfect woman, a woman who will rescue us from depravity and suffering with her virtue and beauty. We often see photos of beautiful nude women wearing wings. The wings are an awkward attempt to represent virtue, which is pretty hard to depict in a photo, but we think a woman like Linda shows it quite well, not only in her pride in herself, but in her happiness, her confidence, and her courage. So we left the wings off, because even without them Linda is still 100% angel – an arch angel.

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How do we do it? How does Body in Mind get the most beautiful women in the world to pose nude – women who won’t pose for any other nude website – women like the amazing Peta Todd? Simple. Respect. Body in Mind respects women and their power over their own bodies. Our goal is to feature the most beautiful women in the world being… well, beautiful. And this doesn’t mean close-ups of anonymous body parts or faked lesbian scenes with other models. It means we don’t take cheap shots and we do everything we can to make them feel beautiful, including flying them to exotic places like this set shot in Las Vegas. Body in Mind takes photography and settings very seriously. But we take nothing more seriously than our relationship with our models. There is nothing more important than that, because there is nothing more important than beautiful women.

Visa The Pita Todd Afterwards Gallery




Body in Mind has always been about the most beautiful models. We’ve been doing it successfully for almost 10 years now. We know a beautiful woman when we see one, such as Jewel here. Her name is actually Juliya, but we’ve all been calling her Jewel around here lately so now the name has stuck. And it’s appropriate. It’s taken us almost a year to find this girl and get some great photos of her. We wish we’d found her sooner because we hate to see such incredible beauty go to waste. It’s like a diamond underground. No way to sparkle down there. But we’re thrilled to be able to let Jewel sparkle for you now, in the dappled morning sun, in her first ever series for Body in Mind.

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