Klaudia, Orsi Kocsis, Body in Mind, Only Petites

Klaudia, also known as Orsi Kocsis, in one of Body in Mind’s most popular models. Everything from her perfect body to her bedroom eyes and smile, make her irresistible. This photo shoot is called “Waiting for You”, is by Chris Ruegge and includes 247 poster sized, high quality digital photos.

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Ashley, Beautiful Day, Body in Mind, Only Petites, Nikkala, Klaudia, Peta

Ashley, a beautiful blond, with long hair, small breasts, perfect legs  and wearing a sexy mini skirt.

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Anya, MPL Studios, Petite, A Cup, Short Skirt, Mini Skirt

It’s no secret to regular visitors of this site that Anya is one of our hands down, absolute favorite models. She has that innocent “girl next door” look, the perfect small breasts, and amazing sexy legs.  Who wouldn’t like this amazing woman wearing this little black dress, and stripping out of it for this photoshoot.

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Klaudia Gerbera, BiM, Body in Mind, OnlyPetites, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott, Petite

The first time we laid eyes on Klaudia we had the same reaction that most men have: WOW! We knew right then and there she was perhaps the most beautiful woman we’d ever seen and we knew we had to have her on Body in Mind. But it was not easy. Klaudia (her real name is Orsi Kocsis) was VERY hard to find even though she is quite famous in her native Hungary.

Body in Mind offers several affordable payment options, including an option that averages out to under $ 0.23 a day!

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Body in Mind isn’t your typical erotic site. They specialize in beautiful and sexy women, and present them with a touch of class that separates them from other erotic websites.

Jenni, is one of our favorites. She has the perfect body, the perfect smile  and perfect everything.  She’s British, so you can imagine hearing her sexy British accent while she’s talking to you and looking at yo with her amazing bedroom eyes.

This photo shoot consists of 127 high resolution, poster size, digital images.

Body in Mind offers several affordable payment options, including an option that averages out to under $ 0.23 a day!

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Digital Desire, Klaudia, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott, Petite, Tracy

Katarina Kross, from Digital Desire, wears the tight tank top and denim mini-skirt very well. She also takes them off very well. She has the perfect dark complexion, perfect legs, perfect breasts, and an amazing sexy face. As with all Digital Desire photo shoots, this one consists of high quality, high resolution, life-size digital images.

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Ophelia, Only Petites, Klaudia, Peta Todd, Petite, MPL

Ophelia is an amazing blond from MPL Studios. In this photo shoot, she’s wearing pink silk lingerie, pink string panties and a beautiful smile.  As with all MPL Studios photo shoots, this set is a high resolution, poster size, digital image set. MPL Studios is running a summer special membership, take advantage while it’s here.

Ophelia, Only Petites, Klaudia, Peta Todd, Petite, MPL

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Nena - Mystery of Beauty - FemJoy

Nena is a FemJoy model that is rapidly becoming one of the websites most searched for models. It’s no wonder with her perfect petite body and perfect breasts.  Who doesn’t like a sexy woman stripping out of jeans, a sexy woman with the perfect body and breasts no less.  This photo shoot consist of 40, high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Ashley, Bidy in Mind, BiM, sexy, Klaudia, Peta Todd, Nikkala Stott

Ashley is a beautiful blond from Body in Mind. This photo shoot is outstanding because they use a 70’s retro theme with the large, mirrored aviator sunglasses.   Like all other models at Body in Mind, Ashly has an amazing body, perfect legs, and is drop-dead beautiful.  Her petite, but perfect breasts, make her nearly perfect.  This photo shoot consists of 175, high resolution, high quality, poster sizes digital images taken by Dwayne and Leanne Bell.

Body in Mind is offering a summer special:  3 days for $12.99,  1 week for $15.99  or the summer special:  2 months: $19.99.  Don’t pass up this special!

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Aiden Ashley is an amazing petite model that has the perfect petite breasts, the perfect petite ass, and the perfect everything. With her long slender legs, sexy black stockings, petite tits and long hair that cascades over her luscious body, how could one not fall in love?

See more of Ashly at DigitalDesire.  DigitalDesire.com has membership options as low as $9.95 a month!

Anya is one of our favorite models. She has the perfect petite body, perfect breasts, sexy long hair, and the most incredible pouty lips that any model on our site has ever had. This “Collector’s Cut” is a small compilation of some of Anya’s best photo shoots. As with all MPL Studios shoots, these images are all high quality, high resolution, poster sized images.

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Innocence meets erotica!  Experience a true sense of the girls…the shyness, the curiosity, the exploration, the eroticism, the exhilaration of being natural and naked in front of the camera . It’s a sexy, sophisticated, personal approach to nude art, and MPL Studios does it to perfection.

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There’s a lot of nude photos on the internet these days, and there’s more and more every day. Men, it seems, have an inexhaustible appetite for the sight of beautiful, naked women. But instead of the variety and creativity of these nude photos increasing as you might expect, the photos we are seeing are looking more and more similar – the same poses, the same locations, the same models. The producers of nude photos have learned that very young models smiling wildly with their legs wide open sell better than anything else, so this is what we see. Repetition, similarity, and porn have become the rule. But Body in Mind is different. Our goal is to innovate, originate, and beautify. This set of our new model Jacqueline is our latest installment. You won’t see any of it anywhere else.

Brandie Moses is a stunning blond that comes to us from Danni.com. She’s the perfect OnlyPetites.com model. Petite, long blond hair, green eyes  and drop dead beautiful.  This photo shoot shows Brandie stripping slowly out of a white cotton camisole and white panties. This photo shoot consists of 65 high quality, high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Body in Mind is proud to be a source of inspiring photos for artists, and none of our models is more popular than Tracy, featured in this gallery by Chris Ruegge. Perhaps our favorite artist is Eric Wallis, whose unique style captures the perfect forms of our models like no one else’s and takes them to a new level of artistic beauty. You can see Eric creating one of his drawings on You Tube, here. Says Eric, “I have to draw Tracy, I’m driven…I love what you are doing. Your choice of models is exquisite. Keep it up.” We intend to. We think all of our models are masterpieces. Artists agree. Hopefully, you do too.

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Nicole is a stunning beauty from X-Art.com. She’s truly an amazing petite woman with long blond hair, blue eyes, and an amazingly perfect body. Th eonly thing better than a sexy, beautful naked woman, is a sexy beautiful woman in tight jeans. Well, almost in tight jeans.  This photo shoot from X-Art.com consists of 38 high resolution, large poster size digital images. These images are 400 DPI. They’re huge!

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Heather Vandeven from Digital Desire has that special kind of beauty that’s confident but yet not self centered. Heather has sexy long hair, an amazing body and breasts that are the perfect D cup.  In this photo shoot, Heather is wearing a short green mini dress and suede boots.  As with all Digital Desire photo shoots, this set comes in high resolution, poster size digital images.

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Everyone loves a sexy naked woman, but the next best thing is a sexy college cheerleader. What’s not to love? Sexy women, short skirts, amazing legs, and bare midriffs!.  We’re starting a new venture, a sister site to OnlyPetites.com, in honor of the sexy college cheerleaders that everyone loves. These are real cheerleaders, not skanky, pimple ass porn. Just real college cheerleaders.  High resolution pictures of real cheerleaders, both during games and candids.

Until our sister-site launches, enjoy a sneak preview below of some of the sexiest college cheerleaders in the country.

Tracy is a green eyed, blond hair beauty from Body in Mind., Body in Mind specializes in tasteful nudes. Tracy is one of the Body in Mind favorites. This photo shoot consists of 79 high resolution, poster size, digital images.

Body in Mind has one of the most reasonable membership plans. You can try a three day pass for only $12.99, or if you get a recurring membership, the total is only $ 9.99 a moth!

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Yet another great bonus set of Klaudia. In this photo shoot, Klaudia is stripping out of her tight jeans and sheer shirt to show her amazing legs and breasts. Klaudia has a natural ability to look comfortable regardless of if she naked or wearing clothes.  Everyone likes a sexy woman in tight jeans, and Klaudia makes these jeans look amazing. Klaudia, Orsi, Orsi Koczycs, Jeans, Stripping

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Kinga is another one of the most popular and sought after models online today. The only models that comes close to Kinga in popularity is Klaudia.  Kinga has an amazing body, and amazing smile and beautiful long hair, but she also has that “girl next door” look. It’s this Gitl Next Door look that makes Kinga so appealing.

This post features 20 images from Kinga’s best photo shoots. Watch for more of her “Best of the Best” galleries in the near future.

This is an amazing photo shoot of Klaudia stripping out of a long, clingy red silk dress. Klaudia (or Orsi) has always been one of the favored models at OnlyPetites.com This photo shoot is sure to rise to the top as the most popular set.  The silk dress clings to Klaudia’s perfect curves and amazing breasts. A silk dress, amazing breasts, and stilletto heels. How can anyone go wrong here.  Klauida, Klaudia Gerbera, Orsi, Orsi Koczycs