Tracy – And God Created Woman



Tracy from Body in Mind is rapidly becoming one of the most searched for models from body in Mind. With her long blond hair and amazing blue eyes, she can melt anyone’s heart.

And God created woman The myriad items we’ve heard in the news lately about women not dressing appropriately are no coincidence. They are a test. They are what’s called ‘trial balloons’. Their purpose is to determine if we’re ready to be told what women can and cannot wear. They are meant to test the waters to see if anyone will come to their defence. If there are no real objections from anyone – and so far there have been none – then we will begin to see forced dress codes for women in this country. It seems unthinkable, but it is inevitable, that is, unless the supposedly religious people of the world take a deep breath and remember that God created woman; and when they forget, we remind them in no uncertain terms.

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